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Argus Tele/Wide C685


While second-hand store shopping for cheap cameras to use at my wedding, I found this unassuming camera – the Argus Tele/Wide C685. The unusual thing about this simple point and shoot was that it had a button that extended the wide lens to a telephoto lens, so you had both shooting options. It takes an AA battery and has an automatic flash option which was an attractive option for night shots. I decided to do a test run with this particular camera before the wedding. I used boring old Klick Max 200 film. I didn’t even redscale it beforehand. So the photos are a little plain. Oh well. Worth a try.

Camera: Argus Tele/Wide C685
Film: Klick Max 200 colour negative 35mm
Location: Montreal in February 2011


Redscale Klick Max 200 in Smena 8m: Part 2

This is part 2 of my previous post on using Klick Max 200 film redscaled in the Smena 8m. After deciding the film needed to be exposed more, I immediately followed up the roll in part 1 with a second roll and treated it as 50 ISO film instead of 100 ISO.

I will definitely be treating this as 50 ISO in the future because I love the white-to-yellow gradient it can produce the skies and I don’t like the dramatic ultra red look seen in part 1. Even so, as 50 ISO film, it certainly limits the cameras I will be able to use it with. None of the fixed shutter/aperture cameras will be able to accommodate it. I will have to use it with cameras like the Smena, or the Argus C3 where I can control more of the exposure settings. These limits make the Klick Max kind of bothersome, especially since I have about 16 rolls of it left. It makes me want to buy more Lucky 200 filmIt redscaled so beautifully!

I have to say, redscaled film certainly does make for a wild variety in colour. More variation than you can get from cross processed film. I think I like it more than cross processed film. I haven’t decided yet, but I think I do.

Camera: Smena 8m
Film: Klick Max 200 homemade redscaled 35mm (treated as 50 ISO)
Scanned with Epson V500

Redscale Klick Max 200 in Smena 8m: Part 1

It’s been a while since my last blog post. I have been busy with a large scale sewing project. Now that I need a break from said project, I’m going to try to do a few more posts! I’ve still been taking pictures, however, so now I have a backlog of rolls to post.

For Christmas I got 20 rolls of Klick Max 200 film from Lomography since they were only $1.50 a pop. This post is my first attempt at using it redscaled. I chose the Smena 8m to shoot with so I could have versatility on cloudy days. Taking into account that redscale SHOULD multiply exposure time by two, I set my light meter to 100 ISO and for the most part, I faithfully exposed the shots accordingly.

All of these shots were taken in January, so I am trying to recall the lighting conditions. Somehow, cloudy days yielded both underexposed uber-red shots and well-exposed less-red shots (my favourite kind!). Sunny days also gave super red photos. Either way, I was not happy with the overall redness of the many underexposed shots. The best shots were the few where I intentionally used a slower shutter speed or bigger aperture than what my light meter suggested.

Conclusion: Klick Max 200 when redscaled needs more than a simple doubling of exposure time. It appears to need quadrupling! This is different than the Lucky 200 redscaled that I had used before, where a simple doubling formula was sufficient.

See my next blog post “Redscale Klick Max 200 in Smena 8m: Part 2” where I put another roll in the Smena and treat it like it is ISO 50!

Camera: Smena 8m
Film: Klick Max 200 redscaled 35mm (treated as 100 ISO)
Scanned with Epson V500