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Brownie Hawkeye

This 1950s camera takes 620 film natively, but some models are able to take 120mm spools without any trouble. Luckily, the one I had bought on eBay didn’t need re-spooling! From looking through photos on Flickr taken with this camera, I knew I had to take it apart and flip the lens to get that ultimate fuzzy focus effect. Since I didn’t want to have to take the camera apart again to return the lens to its normal orientation (I don’t want to strip the screws!), I have actually bought a second Brownie Hawkeye for “regular” photos.

I was very impressed how every picture was perfectly exposed! There were no throwaway shots at all. I used the normal shutter speed, which is reported to be 1/30th of a second. I didn’t experiment with any Bulb settings. Perhaps next time.

This album marks my first use of a flash bulb indoors (see photo #2). The colors reproduced quite nicely.

Camera: Brownie Hawkeye Flash Unit with a flipped lens
Film: Kodak 160VC colour negative 120
Scanned with Epson v500