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Ansco Readyflash

My second vintage camera acquisition. It takes 120 film but you have to re-spool it onto 620 spools, which is easy once you get the hang of it and if have access to a windowless dark room. It takes 6×9 panoramic prints instead of the 6×6 of other medium format cameras, so you get 8 pictures in a roll of film instead of 12. Some of the pictures suffered from camera shake and being out of focus (subject too close for the fixed focus lens?). I was sort of hoping this camera had a few more quirks and light leaks. Next time, I will try slide or redscale film.

The shutter on this particular camera can cause you to worry. When you click the shutter release, it doesn’t always return, and you have to push it back up manually. But luckily, the shutter does indeed close properly, it is just the trigger that is finicky.

Camera: Ansco Readyflash
Film: Kodak PPN160 colour negative 120
Scanned with Epson v500