Vivitar IC111 – Lucky 200 redscaled film


The Vivitar IC111 completes my collection of point and shoot Vivitars. It joins my IC101 panorama (which is one of my favourites), the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim (also amazing), and the PN2011 (will probably never use again). The IC111 is identical to the IC101, only it is full frame instead of cropped into a panorama photo. It is also absolutely identical to the build-your-own camera kit that I bought a few years ago  that failed miserably. It is the same color, shape, right down to each mechanism. Only this one works. The camera I built does not advance.

What I like about these Vivitars (IC111, IC101, UWS) is that they occupy a space between sharp and dreamy images with just the right amount of both. They aren’t going to give you amazingly professional images, obviously, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

This roll has actually become one of my all time favourites. I have a few of them in frames around my apartment. I LOVE Lucky Charm 200 film redscaled! So cheap, so good.

Also, on a sad side note, I believe this is my last roll of film taken while living in Montreal. Next up, my summer adventures in 2011 (I’m so behind in these posts).

Camera: Vivitar IC111
Film: Lucky Charm 200 redscaled 35mm
Location: Montreal in May 2011


2 responses to “Vivitar IC111 – Lucky 200 redscaled film

  1. Just found your blog too late I’m affraid! The analog adventure is over?

  2. This is your most recent post…have you let your love fall to the wayside? Pick up your cameras again.

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