Opticam – Lomography 100 film


I don’t even know the name of this camera. It looks like it could have had a name on the top left corner but it has been scratched off. So I am referring to it by the name written on the lens – Opticam. I have to say, I am in LOVE with this camera! The more I have used it since this roll, the more I love it. In fact, it was the subsequent rolls that really impressed me more so than this one. It is so unpredictable, so many imperfections, so dreamy in its soft focus. Wait until you see the other rolls of film when I get around to posting it.

A bonus with this camera  is the hot shoe. Not often does a crappy, light, plastic camera come with a hot shoe flash option.

So many quirks about this camera. The back doesn’t close properly. I put black electrical tape along the top and bottom of the back opening just to keep it from flying open. Luckily, it didn’t pop open. Luckily, lots of light leaks still got in. Also, the film advance is very finicky. Sometimes, even when you turn the wheel thinking you have advanced to the next picture, nothing has in fact moved. Most of these double exposures are accidents from doing just that. Unfortunately, you have to pay attention that the film advances at some point, or else you are taking half a dozen exposures, which happened a few times. The real painful thing about that is realizing you didn’t capture that shot that excited you. And you probably won’t remember what building or alleyway it was to try to retake it.

As for the film, I usually find it boring to use colour negative film without tinkering with it in some way. But if I was going to choose one from my collection, the Lomography 100 iso film is a lot more vivid than, say, Klick Max 200, another film I have lying around.

Camera: Unkown make, possibly called Opticam
Film: Lomography 100 iso colour negative 35mm
Location: Montreal in May 2011


One response to “Opticam – Lomography 100 film

  1. Photos from approximately three years ago. Taken in Montreal…no snow but no leaves on trees. I’m going to guess these images were taken in late 2012. The reason I’m making a point of that… is because I am totally LOVING how old these photos look while I try to reconcile that with the fact that I KNOW they aren’t 30-40 year old photos.

    The photo I love the most is the fifth one. The photo itself already looks old but then you have the corded telephone in the background that in today’s cordless age simply lends credence to the fact that it IS an old photo. But then you notice the redhead holding a point and shoot compact digital camera. Then you notice her iphone sitting on the table. It’s just a gorgeously nuanced photo.

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